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FabDNS - easy to use DNS service
Professional fast global DNS service for any organisation or individual wanting easy and immediate control of their domain name to IP address mapping.

www.mydomain.com →
sales.mydomain.info →

FabDNS - email forwarding service
Allows emails sent to any email address based on your domain names to forward to one or more existing email accounts anywhere in the world.

info@mydomain.com → katesmith371@gmail.com
sales@mydomain.org → mike@business.com & sally@gmail.com

FabDNS - web site forwarding service
Set your domain names to forward to any existing website or web page you choose.

www.mydomain.com → www.business.com
sales.mydomain.com.au → www.business.org/sales/page3.html

Contact us at: info@fabdns.com